And so it begins...  Have you ever wanted to do something but you think about it and think about it until eventually, you talk yourself out of doing the very thing you wanted to do in the first place? Well I have to confess, that is where I've been regarding my blog.

For the past year, I've contemplated and even created a few usernames and websites in an effort to get started, but I just couldn't pull the trigger. So many thoughts crossed my mind of what could happen if I opened myself up to public opinion on such a public platform.  Did I really want to subject myself to the possibility of negative comments and less privacy?  

I've been a YouTube and blog subscriber for many years and I understand the realities of social media. What I came to realize is that if those were the only two reasons that were keeping me from moving forward and following my dream, then it wasn't enough.  The only one stopping me, was me.

What about the good things that can happen?  I can encourage someone else to follow their dream, share information, learn new things, challenge myself and others to grow, make friends and meet new people....the possibilities are really endless.  

The absolute best thing I learned from evaluating my fears and being honest with myself is that so often, we can allow a couple of negative possibilities to hinder us from experiencing the endless positive possibilities that await us if we are only willing to start somewhere. 

So as I begin, I'm excited to take this first step.  I don't have it all figured out and I don't know where it will take me, but I'm trusting the journey and that's the best part.   

I also want to encourage you to start somewhere.  Why not move forward with that project or job search or blog or business you've been dying to start?  Do your research and create a plan. Weigh your fears.  Are they valid?  Do they outweigh the good that can happen?  If not, take a step and choose to start.... because the greatest part is that you can choose the life you want, today!

Thanks for stopping by!  
I invite you to check back tomorrow for my blog launch
and 1st official blog post!



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